Company Analysis:

We Indians love our food. We live to eat. The food-tech unicorn Zomato helped in revolutionizing the way Indians perceive their food.

Bringing food to the doorsteps, easing out the ‘where to dine’ worries with the bonus of superb discounts and excellent ‘Live’ tracking features, Zomato turned the food into a business, and a profitable one at that.

GAEE JMI presents a publication on Zomato– its history, business model, revenue stream and future goals.

Case Study:
HIKE Messenger

“In a world of so many possibilities, the key is to focus on a few things with the right probabilities. That’s half the battle won.” – Kavin Bharti Mittal (Hike’s founder)

Kavin wrote this in a blogpost in January 2020, the year Hike’s operating revenue plummeted to a mere ₹13,000. So what went wrong for India’s tenth unicorn? Why couldn’t it sustain its user base unlike its rival WhatsApp? To answer these questions and more, GAEE JMI presents to you a gently curated case study on Hike Messenger.

Post-Diwali Air Pollution in New Delhi
The Tragedy of the Commons

Most of the ecological crises of shared common resources are a result of the conflicting self-interests of individuals with that of social interests. More than often, self-interests seem to overpower the latter. This is known as the Tragedy of the Commons. One example of such a tragedy is the pressing issue of air pollution in New Delhi which gets severe in the winter months, especially after the festival of Diwali. The existing literature shows the causal relationship between firecrackers and increased air pollution.