Promoting and Propagating Entrepreneurship Incubation, Financial Literacy & Economics Education

The Global Association of Economics Education is a not-for-profit organisation based out of Massachusetts, USA. GAEE is an entirely student-led initiative that aims to revolutionize how we study economics and personal finance and seeks to create a better understanding of these among students.

GAEE Jamia Millia Islamia consists of a bunch of self-driven, motivated and highly determined enthusiasts who seek to develop and promote the understanding of economics education, financial literacy and entrepreneurship incubation. We create learning opportunities for students from across the fields to explore novel ideas outside their traditional coursework and are highly committed to providing our members with every opportunity to grow, learn and stretch to the highest level of one’s ability and potential.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to bridge economic theory and practice, using sound empirical methods and strive to engage students interested in economics and related subjects through various high-quality sessions, a wide range of competitions and a platform to promote research via articles and publications written by our members. We plan to engage students from different majors to further bust the belief that these fundamentals can be explored only by students majoring in these subjects, and not anyone else.

Every student finishing secondary education deserves to know “what opportunity cost is about, how to manage their budget, and the like.” We believe in democratizing the education of economics, both in accessibility and pedagogical philosophy. We envision bridging the gap between education and its application to empower the youth generation with the fundamentals of these subjects.

Our Executive Board

Zubiya Moin

Zubiya Moin


B.A.(Hons.) Economics

Wajeeha Hamdani


B.A.(Hons.) Economics

Mutahar Ul Muzaffar

Economics Head

B.A. Programme

Aryan Chhajer

Finance Head

B.A. (Hons.) Economics

Hammad Nadim

Entrepreneurship Head


Subia Syed

Director of Design & Marketing

B.A.(Hons.) Economics

Our Members

Economics Wing

Shahzeb Khan

B.Tech (ECE)

Adnan Hasan Khan


Syed Abid Mahdi Husaini

B.A.(Hons.) Economics

Diksha Bansal

M.A. Economics

Finance Wing

Aleena Khan

B.Com (Hons.)

Aryan Chhajer

B.A. (Hons.) Economics

Ayush Raj

MSc (Banking & Finance)



Ramsha Anwar

B.Tech (CSE)

Ridha Bazaz

B.Com (Hons.)

Tanya Arora

MSc Bioinformatics

Entreprenurship Wing

Adnan Shamsi


Dibya Jyoti Tripathy

B.A.(Hons.) Economics

Raunak Raghuveer Guliya


Hiba khan


Editorial Team

Areeba Shakeb

B.A.(Hons.) Psychlogy

Ayan Rasul


Danish Aslam

M.Sc Bioinformatics

Mudabbira Rehman

B.A. (Hons.) English

Our Marketing & Outreach Team

Graphic Designer

Ilma Hafeez


Maniza Hasan


Labeeba Bakhtawar

B.A.(Hons.) Economics

Rounaq Haidar


Kulsoom Raza Beg


Social Media Marketing Team

Awez Kamal Khan

 B.A.(Hons.) Economics

Mohd Ahsan


Hanan Musheer

B.A.(Hons.) Economics

Sahrish Saleem

B.A.(Hons.) Psychology

Kavi Raj Singh Tomar

M.A. Hindi

Web Developer

Shahnawaj Alam

B.Tech (EE)

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Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar Marg,

Jamia Nagar, New Delhi-110025

Phone Number

+91 88597 10445

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