Company Analysis:


We Indians love our food. We live to eat. The food-tech unicorn Zomato helped in revolutionizing the way Indians perceive their food.

Bringing food to the doorsteps, easing out the ‘where to dine’ worries with the bonus of superb discounts and excellent ‘Live’ tracking features, Zomato turned the food into a business, and a profitable one at that.

GAEE JMI presents a publication on Zomato– its history, business model, revenue stream and future goals.

Meet the Team

Usloob Khan (Team Leader)

Department of Economics, JMI 

Aaliya Nasir

Department of Commerce, JMI 

Diksha Jha

Department of Commerce, JMI 

Syeda Areeba

Department of Commerce, JMI 

Fatma Tarique (Graphic Designer)

Department of Psychology, JMI