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Article Summary:

For centuries, economics has been a male-dominated field – but not anymore. Women across the globe are leaving a mark in the sphere of economics. In this article, the author discusses the contributions and achievements of five influential Indian female economists: Anshula Kant, Gita Gopinath, Jayati Ghosh, Bina Agarwal, and Rohini Pandey. Read to find out more.

Someone bemoaned that there were so few women in economics. But there are also very few men in economics.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Lebanese-American economist

In today’s remarkable times, women are matching strides with men – breaking barriers and setting new horizons. The male-oriented world of economics is also witnessing the rise of women power, especially in India.

Our women economists are taking the reins of leading global financial institutions. They are everywhere, from the World Bank to the International Monetary Fund.

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